Writing, when I actually sit down and do it, has always come so naturally to me. What has never come naturally is confidence, so, I have often hid my work from stranger’s eyes.

No more! (see how confident that was?) Truly, I have always wanted to be a writer, I am a writer, I am a good writer. Not everyone will think that of me though and that is ok. (Really I am trying to convince myself of that). I may not be doing a website like other author’s do, but it is an honest reflection of myself. The honest feelings of myself laid out for the world to see. I am being a transparent as I can be without getting too deep into my personal life.

I write, I don’t always write things that others want to read, but I write for me, for my family and for the few who like what I write. I write because I have to write! I can’t just go on in life and not write. It hurts me physically and emotionally not to write, to not let those voices in my head have a voice in the world is cruel to them, myself and others.

So I write, and I will publish (publishing has become a little easier with the availability of e-books and how easy it is to get them on sites) I will publish because if there is anything I do know without a shadow of a doubt is that if I do not do this (notice I didn’t say try), if I do not DO THIS, then I will always question myself, and I don’t want any questions unanswered at the end of this life.


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  1. Ishara

    Got you now.


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